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Cutting-Edge Glass Products and Installation

Whether you need service or replacement for glass in your residence or commercial building, Convenient Glass Service, Inc. is capable of meeting your glass installation expectations. We have a wide range of products that can be customized to fit nicely in your home or office. Our company will work with you to install these products to enhance the beauty and utility of your space.

House with Screened Windows

Glass Fittings and Hardware

Your home has many glass fittings that are overlooked until you need a replacement or a repair. We cut glass for interior furniture and fixtures like tabletops. Our company in Goldsboro, North Carolina, also installs hardware to contain panes of our products. The hardware we work with includes patio and glass doors, windows, window replacements, and window screens. Ask us a free estimate and about installing glass for entire rooms like porches and sunroom enclosures.

Revamping Your Bathroom

A bathroom renovation is low on your list of home renovation priorities since your family is the only one who sees it. Add value to your home with a window replacement for your shower or bath. Our glass technicians are trained to work with our large selection of Alumax™ enclosures that include:

• Single Swing Doors
• Tub Enclosures
• Neo-Angle Shower Enclosures • Walk-In Showers
• Full Custom Enclosures
• Heavy Glass Enclosures

Alluring Mirrors and Backsplashes

Impress visitors with the illusion of space by using mirrors in your home. Convenient Glass Service, Inc. can custom cut your mirrors to fit your specifications. Some furnishings we install include:

• Mirrored Walls
• Beveled Mirrors
• Vanity Counter Backsplashes • Home and Office Walls
• Framed Mirrors
• Kitchen Backsplash Mirrors

Glass for Your Commercial and Industrial Properties

Attract customers with a new storefront window and new glass on your company car. We have the capabilities to construct our windows and doors to fit any of your business purposes. Our company can put in flat glass, commercial windows, and entry door systems. Convenient Glass Service, Inc. installs internal glass or aluminum partitions for places like your cubicles and modern offices. Our company also installs glass for industrial purposes that include:

• Acrylics and Polycarbonates Including Plexiglass™ & Lexan™ • Tempered and Laminated Glass • Insulated Glass
• Safety Glass
• Wire Glass
• Single Glazed Applications